Top 10 Best Books to read during Pregnancy

Top 10 Best Books to read during Pregnancy

Reading good books during pregnancy is really very beneficial for you and your baby. It will stimulate emotions in your baby. Reading books to the baby inside the womb will also help in developing early language learning. Reading books will help you to get relaxed and entertained at the same time during your pregnancy and it will also help in the psychological development of your baby inside the womb.

Benefits of reading books during pregnancy

Best Books to read during Pregnancy

Read those books which encourage you and motivate you. Don't read those books which are horrific or sad during pregnancy. Here are some of the best books to read during pregnancy

1. Ina May's Guide To Childbirth

Ina May's Guide To Childbirth book is written by Ina May Gaskin. This book teaches a pregnant woman - How to create a safe and comfortable environment for childbirth in any setting. It also offers information and tips for maximizing the chances of natural childbirth. This book contains several empowering birth stories and practical advice which help a pregnant woman to boost her confidence. This book tells about the joy and benefits of natural childbirth. The book is helpful in restoring women's faith in her own natural power to give birth to a child with more ease and less pain.  So, this is one of the best books to prepare for labor and birth. This is such a great book for those women who wants a positive natural childbirth experience. 

2. Fearless Pregnancy

Fearless Pregnancy book is written by Victoria Clayton. This book offers advice and reassurance about first trimester tests, pregnancy clothes, weight gain, second-trimester tips, third-trimester sex and to prepare for labor and delivery. This book is very useful and informative especially for first time pregnant women. This book includes advice from new moms as well as useful advice from both a doctor and a midwife. This book contains information about weight gain during pregnancy, risks of miscarriages, fitness, sex, traveling, risks, and benefits of certain tests such as genetic testing, blood testing, etc. You'll get a chance to know the facts and myths related to pregnancy by reading this book.

3. Belly Laugh

Belly Laugh is written by Jenny McCarthy. This book reveals the naked truth about tremendous joys, pains that go along with pregnancy. This book is such a comic relief for any women who are pregnant or want to try to get pregnant or who has ever been pregnant. This book reveals all the joys and discomforts related to pregnancy. This book contains useful tips about pregnancy sex, hemorrhoids, hormonal changes, morning sickness, and delivery.

4. The Pregnancy Countdown

The Pregnancy Countdown Book is written by Susan Magee. This book provides a delightfully irreverent look at the nine months of your pregnancy. This book consists of 280 pages that offer useful information for each day of your pregnancy. This book contains helpful tips from moms and doctors. It also consists of anecdotes, quotes, and all the uncensored details. This book offers all the useful tips, uncensored truth, and practical tips for the whole nine months of pregnancy. 

5. What to expect when you're expecting

What to expect when you're expecting the book is written by Heidi Murkoff. This book covers all the information, advice, and tips for a new generation of parents-to-be. This book offers complete updated information about prenatal screening as well as the medications to be taken during pregnancy. This book consists of everything which is new for you during pregnancy. This book also describes the fetus development. over the nine months. This book addresses all the issues and questions that are related to pregnancy. It covers all the nine months of pregnancy with one chapter for each month. It also covers information about postpartum care. 

6. The Mindful Mom-To-Be

The Mindful Mom-To-Be book is written by Lori Bregman. This book tells about the journey toward motherhood and helps a woman to find out what works best for her and her baby. The book also covers nutritional advice, development milestones, and helpful techniques for labor. The book also provides some fitness tips and exercises to help a woman to prepare herself for motherhood. This book consists of month-by-month advice and pregnancy checklists. This is a great book that helps you throughout your journey into parenthood. 

7. The Baby Bump

The Baby Bump book is written by Carley Roney. This book is a comprehensive guide that offers advice and tips from the real mothers for those nine months of pregnancy. This book also covers information, about the daily diet and baby's development week by week. The book provides several secrets to survive those 9 long months of your pregnancy with happiness. 

8. The Whole 9 months

The Whole 9 months book is written by Jennifer Lang. The Whole 9 months is a week-by-week guide pregnancy nutrition guide with healthy recipes. Taking the right foods during pregnancy is very essential for both a pregnant woman and her baby. This book covers simple nutritional guidelines and advice from real moms. This book covers information about nutritional values and so many easy quick recipes. The book also provides information that how to handle morning sickness, aversion, and cravings that comes on the way of a pregnant lady through her pregnancy journey. 

9. The Healthy Pregnancy Book

The Healthy Pregnancy Book is written by Martha Sears and William Sears. This book guides parents-to-be about all the stages of pregnancy from preconception to birth. This book also gives information about enhancing the health of mother and baby. This month-by-month guide tells about all the emotional and physical changes that take place during pregnancy. This book also offers various information such as baby's brain development inside the womb, weight gain during pregnancy, birthing choices, handling stress, transition into parenthood, and more. 

10. Sacred Pregnancy

Sacred Pregnancy book is written by Anne Daulter. This book helps in empowering and encouraging women to personally reflect on the milestones of their pregnancy period. This book boasts the confidence of a pregnant woman and helps her to know about the women's power in birth. This book brings all the inner and outward experiences which a woman experiences during her pregnancy in a beautiful way. This is an amazing book that is informative, empowering, and enjoyable too. This book addresses all the myths, facts, fears, joys, and concerns that come up with pregnancy. 

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