How to take care of a newborn baby?

How to take care of a newborn baby?

After 9 months pregnancy when a woman gives birth to her baby and that moment when a newborn is in the hands of his/her mother that is one of the best and memorable moments of a woman's life which she never forgets in her whole life. It is very difficult for every mother to keep the baby in the womb for 9 months.

Newborn baby care tips

But even after the baby is born you have to pay attention to a lot of things which are very important for a newborn baby because a newborn baby is very sensitive and can quickly be infected. We'll tell you some good tips that will help you to take care of your newborn.

Some key points to take care of a newborn baby

  • You may not be aware of many things on your first delivery. First, consult any Feeding Expert in the hospital and understand how to feed the baby and how to take care of the baby.
  • Even the elder people of the house also help and give you pieces of advice so you can learn many small things from them too. Keep the newborn away from the crowded places as it keeps the risk of infection.

How to hold a newborn baby - Handling a Newborn baby

There are some simple things to keep in your mind while holding your newborn in your arms :
  • After doing any household works always wash your hands well with soap and then hold your baby. The newborn baby's immune system is not so strong. So, there is a risk of having an infection by touching him/her from the dirty hands.
  • The Baby's head and neck need careful support.  Support your newborn's head with one arm and support its bottom from the other. 
  • If you're taking your baby outside then hold your baby securely in the baby stroller.

How to take care of the nurturing of a newborn baby - nourishment techniques of a newborn baby

  • Parents become very happy after the birth of their baby. Keeping your baby with love and affection is the first step of their care. Do massage of your newborn baby with baby massage oil it strengthens baby's intestines and bones. 
  • Babies like to listen. You can also narrate poems and stories to them so they get to learn new things and they remain active. If you want you can put a beautiful bell in the baby's swing.
  • Some children are sensitized with bright light and loud noise and then they feel uncomfortable and start crying. Don't make too much noise in front of such babies and keep them calm.

What to do while changing diapers and what not?

You can use clothes or disposable diapers for babies according to your convenience. Whatever you use whether a cloth or a diaper you have to change it 10 times a day. When you change the diaper or cloth you'll need the following items :
  • A clean diaper or a clean folded cotton cloth.
  • Diaper Ointment
  • Lukewarm water
  • Clean clothes 

 Diapering Tips for Newborn Babies

  • Once the diapers are dirty removed it. After that dip cotton or any cotton cloth in lukewarm water and clean the baby's genital area and then wipe it well with a soft dry cloth.
  • After that apply an ointment and put a new diaper. The skin becomes red by using the diapers and ointment reduces this redness from the skin. You can also use antibacterial powder as well.
  • If the diaper rashes are appearing darker or if the skin is dark red and looking itchy then contact your nearest child specialist immediately.

How to bath a newborn baby? 

Give sponge bath to your newborn until his/her umbilical cord stump heals. It usually heals after one to four weeks of birth.

Bathing Basics for Newborn Babies

  • Use baby soap and shampoo. After the bath wipe, the baby's body with a soft clean towel and massage with baby oil.
  • You can shower your baby in the bathtub. For that,  place baby in it for a bath. But remember you can use the bathtub only when your baby is able to sit.
  • Never leave your baby alone at the time of bathing.

Breastfeeding / Feeding the Newborn 

Feed the baby according to their hunger. Whenever the baby feels hungry they cry or they put their fingers in their mouth.

Feeding your newborn baby

Feeding a newborn baby once in 3-4 hours is important. If you are breastfeeding, breastfeed for 10-15 minutes on one breast and after that 10-15 minutes in the same way with another breast. If you find that the child is not drinking in the right way or does not want to drink contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Burping newborn baby

Nearly all infants suck the air in the mouth during breastfeeding which causes gas in their stomach. Therefore, after breastfeeding hold your baby against your chest with your hand and rest your baby's chin on your shoulder. Pat your baby's back gently with your hand until baby burps. With this, the gas or air accumulated in the baby's tummy exits through the mouth.

What are the sleeping basics of newborn babies?

  • A newborn baby sleeps for more than 16 hours in a day. Babies sleep in every 3-4 hours. They have no fixed time to sleep. If the baby does not wake up after 3-4 hours then it is necessary to wake them for feeding.
  • It takes time for newborn babies to understand the concept of night and day. There is nothing to worry about if your newborn sleep for the day and wake up overnight.
  • Do not always let the baby sleep on one side.

Here is some common information related to the newborn that we have told you in this post. If there is any discomfort associated with the newborn your first priority is to consult a doctor. This post is for information only. Hope you liked this post. Do not forget to share the post.

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