Pregnancy 8 weeks - Ultrasound, Belly Size & Pregnancy Checklist

Pregnancy 8 weeks - Symptoms, Ultrasound, Baby Development, Belly Size & Pregnancy Checklist

If you are 8 weeks pregnant it means you are in the 2nd month of your pregnancy. So, now there are only 7 months to go. You can hear and see the baby's heartbeat at 8 weeks. During the 8th week of pregnancy, your baby is as big as a raspberry or a kidney bean and measures about half an inch. And the baby is growing about a millimeter with each passing day. The baby's vital organ systems are continuing to grow during 8 weeks of pregnancy. Your heart is pumping 50% more blood per minute than before pregnancy. 

Pregnancy at 8 weeks - Baby development, ultrasound and pregnancy checklist

Pregnancy in 8 weeks symptoms

During the 8th week of pregnancy you may feel the following pregnancy symptoms :

1. Fatigue

During 8 weeks of pregnancy, your hormones may fluctuate and your body produces more blood for your baby. Your blood pressure levels and blood sugar levels are lower than they were before pregnancy. That's why you feel fatigued during pregnancy. 

2. Morning Sickness, Nausea & Vomiting

Morning sickness is one of the common symptoms of early pregnancy. Nausea and vomiting can be really stronger especially during the 8th week of pregnancy due to the pregnancy hormones. Stay hydrated throughout the day. 

3. Sore Breasts

You'll feel your breasts heavier, sore, and bigger. It is all because your breasts are preparing for breastfeeding. The milk-producing lobules are expanding in the breasts. Your breasts are now preparing for lactation. The hormones estrogen and progesterone cause an increase in pigmentation which makes your areola become darker than usual.

4. Increased Vaginal Discharge

This thin milky white discharge is known as Leucorrhea which is a sign that your body is taking steps to protect your birth canal from any infections by maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria. 

5. Constipation

Constipation is one of the most common symptoms during pregnancy. To get rid of constipation eat fiber-rich fruits like bananas and drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated throughout the day. 

6. A heightened sense of smell

At 8 weeks of pregnancy, you may experience a heightened sense of smell because more blood is rushing to your brain which makes your responses extra sharp. 

7. Food cravings & aversions

Food cravings & aversions are the most common symptoms of pregnancy. They cause due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. 

8. Pregnancy Cramps

As your uterus expands the ligaments in your abdomen stretches which causes cramping in the early weeks of pregnancy. Mild cramping is normal in the 8th week of pregnancy. Your growing uterus causes cramping in your abdomen area.

9. Bloating & Gas

As your body is suffering from a lot of hormonal and physical changes during pregnancy. The level of progesterone hormones increased during pregnancy which causes bloating, stomach discomfort, and gas, especially after a large meal. Drink plenty of water and eat smaller meals to get rid of bloating and gas during pregnancy.

8 weeks pregnant ultrasound

It's time to get your first prenatal checkup. Schedule an appointment with an Obstetrician / Gynecologist. At 8 weeks pregnant your baby's fingers and toes are slightly webbed and his/her tail has almost gone. Your baby's taste buds are also started forming now. 

At your first prenatal ultrasound, your doctor will do your blood test. Your doctor will make sure what is your blood type Rh+ or Rh negative (If you're Rh- and your baby is Rh+ then you'll need to take medications to prevent any complications). Your doctor will also check your hormones level, Red blood cells, and White blood cells to make sure they are normal or not. And your blood will also be screened for Hepatitis B, HIV, and certain immunities. You'll have to give your urine sample. By your urine sample, your glucose and protein levels will be monitored to rule out preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. 

8 weeks pregnant ultrasound what to expect

The 8-weeks pregnant ultrasound scan is done to ensure that everything is fine with your growing embryo. This scan is performed for the following reasons :
  • To determine the gestational age of your baby.
  • To check whether the baby has a heartbeat and to check the rate of the baby's heartbeat.
  • To know the size of the placenta and embryo.
  • To detect multiple pregnancies.
  • To determine the cause of Vaginal Bleeding in a pregnant woman.
  • To check the health of the Ovaries and Fallopian tubes of a pregnant woman.
  • To check for any pregnancy complications such as Ectopic Pregnancy.
  • To check the functioning of the Umbilical Cord. 

Eight weeks of Pregnant Ultrasound Scan

There are two types of Ultrasound scans that can be performed at 8 weeks of pregnancy :

  • Transvaginal Ultrasound Scan

A small wand is placed inside the vagina and this wand is pressed against the cervix to obtain clear pictures. 

  • Abdominal Scan

A conductive gel is spread over the belly of a pregnant woman. This conductive gel helps the ultrasound waves to pass through the skin and into the uterus of a pregnant lady. These ultrasound waves then bounce back and create an image of the baby in the uterus. 

Baby development at 8 weeks

At 8 weeks of pregnancy, your baby is developing rapidly. There are many changes in the development of your baby at 8 weeks which include the following :

Baby's Head

At 8 weeks of pregnancy, your baby's head becomes erect and rounded.

Baby's Heart

Your baby's heart is now beating at a rate of 140 to 170 beats per minute. The aortic and pulmonary valves have divided into right and left chambers.

Baby's Face and Mouth

Your baby's upper lip and taste buds formed at 8 weeks of pregnancy. Your baby can even swim in your womb now. 

Baby's Ear & Nose

The external ears have formed at 8 weeks of pregnancy. The tip of your baby's nose also formed at 8 weeks. 

Baby's Eyes

The retina is now pigmented and eyes are now the visible parts of the face with eye folds forming. The eyelids are in their beginning stages at 8 weeks. 

Baby's Arms & Legs

At 8 weeks of pregnancy, your baby's arms and legs are lengthening. The fingers and toes of the baby also begin to form and they are visible but still web right now. 

Baby's Body

At 8 weeks of pregnancy your baby's brain, spinal cord, kidneys, liver, and stomach have begun to take shape. 

Baby's Bones

At 8 weeks of your pregnancy, your baby's bones also begin to harden by a process called Ossification. 

8 weeks pregnant belly

Your belly at 8 weeks may show a little or not show at all. Every mother and baby are different and every pregnancy is different. Your uterus is expanding inside during pregnancy but it will take some time to show it on the outside. But if you're 8 weeks pregnant with twins then it's easy to tell that you're pregnant. 

Your Pregnancy checklist at 8 weeks of pregnancy

  • Think about creative ideas for sharing the good news with your family and friends.

  • Schedule your 12th-week Prenatal test.

  • Decide whether to do a CVS test or not (CVS is Chorionic Villus Sampling which is a prenatal procedure that provides information about the genetic makeup of baby. It helps in diagnosing chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome and genetic problems such as cystic fibrosis).

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