Frequent urination during pregnancy

Frequent urination during pregnancy

Frequent urination is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy which usually starts at six weeks during the first trimester of pregnancy. However, frequent urination is one of the symptoms of irritability in pregnancy but this problem doesn't harm you or your baby. In fact, this is the best way to get rid of unwanted toxins from the body. As long as there are no other symptoms, it is completely normal to have frequent urination during pregnancy.

Reasons and remedies to treat Frequent urination during pregnancy

During the second trimester, when the uterus rises in your abdominal cavity, then you may get relief from this problem for some time. Although there is not much relief. Most women share their experience that they have to go to the bathroom for urination at the last trimester of pregnancy especially after the 35th week of pregnancy.

The reason for repeated urination in pregnancy / Frequent urination in pregnancy causes

The reasons for frequent urination in pregnancy are described below :

Hormonal changes

HCG hormones which are active during pregnancy, are one of the major causes of excessive urination. It increases blood flow towards the pelvic region and kidneys so that they can functions properly during the pregnancy period. Your body tries to get rid of unwanted and harmful toxins.

Bladder pressure

During the first trimester of pregnancy, your uterus spreads and compresses which puts pressure on the bladder. A compressed bladder cannot keep more urine accumulate, so always try to empty the bladder as soon as possible. This is also one of the main reasons for frequent urination during pregnancy.

Excess fluid

Blood levels increase during your entire pregnancy and it is about 50% more than before you get pregnant. Therefore, additional liquids are formed which are collected in the kidneys and causes frequent urination.

Urinary tract infection

If UTI or bladder infection is not treated, it can cause serious problems. Repeated urination is one of them. Other symptoms include burning sensation in urine, pain after urination. If UTI is not treated, then it can cause kidney infections (Pyelonephritis) which can cause fever, vomiting, and severe back pain. For this, you may need to have intravenous antibiotics and hospitalization. This can increase the risk of premature delivery or miscarriage.

How To Overcome Urination Of Urgency in Pregnancy / Avoid frequent urination during pregnancy 

The need for frequent urination is a mandatory fact for most of the pregnant women. But the following tips can often limit the difficulty of going to the bathroom:

  • Do not drink some beverages 

Don't drink coffee, tea or some carbonated beverages (like soda) as they all are diuretics which make more urine and you need to urinate more often.

  • Empty the bladder

When you pee, then bow down and forward to completely empty your bladder.

  • Do not stop urination 

As soon as you feel the need to urinate, go to the bathroom. In fact, blocking urine can weaken your pelvic area muscles.

  • Use pads

Use sanitary pads especially if you have a cough or you sneeze. Because there is a leakage of urine in the activities of coughing, sneezing or lifting heavy items which can also embarrass you.

Urine excretion when sneezing or laughing in pregnancy / Leakage of urine while sneezing or laughing during pregnancy

Urine can emerge due to pressure caused by bladder, weak pelvic muscles in your uterus, coughing, laughing, sneezing, lifting heavy objects or exercising like jogging, etc. This is called "stress urinary incontinence" and it is likely to occur in the third trimester or postpartum period. Make sure to urinate before exercising. It is a good idea to practice exercises in the early days of pregnancy and to continue them after postpartum and if necessary use the mini pad or panty liner in case of urine leakage.

Is repeated urination in pregnancy a sign of a problem / Is frequent urination during pregnancy ever a sign of a problem?

Frequent urination may be a sign of urinary tract infections (UTI). This is the most common type of bacterial infection occurring in pregnant women. Untreated UTI can cause kidney infections, premature labor or both. Consult with your doctor if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms :
  • When you feel irritation or pain during urination.
  • If you saw blood in your urine. 
  • When you feel the urge to pee but little amount comes out when you urinate.

When is the problem of urinary reflux repeatedly in pregnancy / When will urination during pregnancy ease up

Even after delivery, the process of feeling frequent urination is not slow down for the first few days, because the body attempts to remove excess fluid accrued during pregnancy. When all excess fluid exits, then the process of urination becomes normal. But, if this condition stays for a long time, then you should talk to the doctor. Kegel practice protects against urinary incontinence in women after delivery. Apart from this, reducing the excess weight you accumulate during this period will also reduce the risk of urinary incontinence.

If you're experiencing any complications during your pregnancy then talk with your doctor. Have a happy and safe pregnancy. May God bless you and your child. 

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