Consuming Beetroot during pregnancy - Is it safe to eat?

Consuming Beetroot during pregnancy - Benefits, Risks and Is it safe to eat

Beetroot is a healthy nutritious root vegetable which is very beneficial during pregnancy. It is loaded with lots of essential antioxidants and nutrients. Beetroots contain folic acid, potassium, iron, silica, manganese, vitamin C, fiber, and calcium. Beetroots are also rich in carbohydrates.

Benefits & side effects of beetroot during pregnancy

Benefits of eating Beetroot during pregnancy

Beetroot is loaded with many nutrients which are essential for a pregnant woman and her unborn baby. Some of the amazing health benefits of eating beetroots during pregnancy are described below :

Prevent Anemia

Beetroot contains a high content of iron which helps in boosting the hemoglobin count in blood and reduces the chances of anemia during pregnancy. 

Blood Purifier

Beetroots purify the blood and work as a natural blood purifier. It also prevents the fetus from various infections and diseases.

Maintain Blood Pressure

Beetroot contains potassium which regulates the metabolism of the body and also helps in maintaining blood pressure levels during pregnancy.

Aids digestion

Beetroots are loaded with fiber which helps in easing digestion during pregnancy. It helps in reducing constipation and indigestion which are the common issues during pregnancy.

Prevent Osteoporosis

Beetroots help in lowering the risk of Osteoporosis (Osteoporosis is a condition in which a pregnant woman's bone tends to become weak and brittle). It contains the high content of silica and calcium which prevents the decalcification of teeth and bones during pregnancy.

Immunity Booster

Beetroot contains antioxidants that enhance the immunity system during pregnancy hence it works as an immunity booster. It also prevents a pregnant woman from various infections. The anti-oxidant property of beetroots boosts immunity. 

Prevents pain and swelling

Beetroots contain betaine which is an anti-inflammatory agent that prevents inflammation. It also helps in protecting a pregnant woman from pain and swelling in joints during pregnancy.

Promotes Fetal development

Beetroots are a rich source of folic acid which helps in the formation of red blood cells in a pregnant woman. These red blood cells help in the development of the baby's spinal cord. Folic Acid promotes the proper and healthy development of the fetus. 

Rich source of folate

Beetroot is a rich source of folic acid which is essential during pregnancy. Folate helps in preventing birth defects such as Spina Bifida. Folate helps in the optimal development of the fetus and the development of the fetus's spinal cord.

Improve the health of internal organs

Beetroots help in improving the health of internal organs such as gall bladder, kidney, and liver. It flushes out the harmful toxins from the organs and purifies the blood naturally. 

Controls Blood Sugar

Beetroots contain a low content of glycemic thus helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels to a normal level. 

Provides Stamina

Beetroots contain carbohydrates, protein, and vitamins which provide strength to the body.

Improves the functionality of Liver

It contains betacyanin which helps in detoxifying the liver and the blood hence not allowed the fatty acids to deposit and this helps in the proper functioning of the liver.

Risks of eating beetroots during pregnancy

The side effects of consuming beetroots are very rare but it might be possible that it may not suit some people's bodies. Excess of anything is not good for anyone. Beetroots are very beneficial if consumed in a moderate amount. Eating beetroots in an excess amount has some side effects too. Some of the side effects of beetroots during pregnancy are given below :

Kidney Stones

Beetroots contain oxalate and consuming it in excess amount can cause kidney stones and can also damage the kidney forever.

Causes Beeturia

Consuming beetroots in an excess amount can cause beeturia which is a condition that can turn your stool and urine red in color during pregnancy.

Vomiting, Nausea, and Diarrhea

Beetroots contain betaine and eating it in excess amount can cause vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems during pregnancy. 
If you find any of these side effects after consuming beetroots then stop consuming it and talk to your doctor about it. 

Fatigue or Weakness

Beetroots contain nitrate that might trigger to fatigue during pregnancy.

Is Beetroot safe to eat during pregnancy?

Yes, beetroot is safe to consume during pregnancy but in a moderate amount. 

How to eat beetroot during pregnancy?

You can eat beetroot as juice, salad, or shake during pregnancy.

Best time to eat beetroot during pregnancy

You can eat beetroot anytime throughout your pregnancy.

Consult your doctor before including any new food to your pregnancy diet. Have a happy and healthy pregnancy. 

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