16 Skin Care Tips During Pregnancy

16 Skin Care Tips During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time to stay happy and pamper yourself. Each pregnancy is different. Some women's skin glows during their entire pregnancy while some women experience itchy and pigmented skin during pregnancy. It all happens because of the pregnancy hormones. Proper skincare during pregnancy is very essential for glowing and radiant skin. Don't take too much stress about your pigmented skin during pregnancy. It's natural and common to have some acne, pimples on the face or stretch marks on the body during pregnancy. Just enjoy this beautiful phase of your life and follow some simple tips to get a healthy and glowing skin during your pregnancy period.

Tips for a glowing skin during pregnancy

Skin Care Tips During Pregnancy

Follow these natural skincare tips for healthy and glowing skin during pregnancy:

1. Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated throughout the day. If you want natural glow and radiance on your face then drink loads of water. Water helps in flushing out all the harmful toxins from the body and also ensures a sufficient amount of amniotic fluid in your body. You can also drink other liquids such as coconut water to keep yourself hydrated.

2. Avoid Stress

Don't take stress as it is not good for you and your growing baby. Stress can cause many problems during pregnancy including skin problems too. To avoid stress during pregnancy do meditation. You'll definitely feel better.

3. Healthy & Balanced Diet

It's essential to take vital nutrients and vitamins for the proper growth and overall development of your baby. Take a healthy and balanced diet throughout your pregnancy to avoid skin problems. Avoid eating junk foods during pregnancy as they contribute to excess weight gain and are also considered unsafe during pregnancy.

4. Healthy Lifestyle

Following a healthy lifestyle is also essential during pregnancy. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy is very essential as a pregnant woman's body goes through various physical changes during those long nine months. Eating the right food, having a workout, staying hydrated are some of the tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

5. Sleep Well

Sleep well during your pregnancy period. As your body feels tired and lazy during pregnancy you need to take proper sleep during this time. Sleep for at least 8 to 9 hours during pregnancy to get healthy, glowy and pimple-free skin.

6. Relax

Relaxation is a must for all the pregnant ladies. Having proper rest in the day is also as beneficial as taking rest in the night. You can take prenatal massage to relax your body. Massaging also prevents stress which is a common problem faced by most of the women during pregnancy.

7. Stay Active

Staying physically active is very essential during pregnancy. Do some pregnancy-friendly yoga and meditation under the guidance of your trainer. Working out regularly will make you feel relaxed during pregnancy.

8. Healthy Weight Gain

It's natural to gain weight during pregnancy. But the right weight gain is also very essential during pregnancy. Excess weight gain can also cause many complications during pregnancy. Don't eat unhealthy foods such as junk foods during pregnancy as they contribute to excess weight gain which is not considered good during pregnancy. Eat a healthy and nutritious diet during pregnancy for the well being of your growing baby.

9. Wear comfortable clothes

Always wear comfortables clothes during pregnancy. Flaunt your beautiful baby bump. Cotton clothes are good to wear during pregnancy, especially in summer. Don't hesitate to show your pregnancy curves. Wear trendy as well as comfortable clothes which will make you look stylish and wear the outfits in which you'll also feel comfy.

10. Use Natural Beauty Products

Use natural beauty products during pregnancy. Always use chemical-free products during pregnancy. Natural herbal products are good to use during pregnancy for radiant and glowy skin. These types of products are safe to use during pregnancy and don't cause any harm to your baby or your skin.

11. Sun Protection

Use a good quality sunscreen before you exposed to sunlight. As your body is extra sensitive during pregnancy and the UV rays can damage your skin cells so always apply sunscreen lotion before exposure to sunlight.

12. Use Natural Body Oil

Use natural body oil to massage your body. Massaging your body during pregnancy helps in reducing stress levels and you also feel relaxed after a massage. Massaging can also prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

13. Prevent Stretch Marks

Gently massage the oil or cream daily on the affected areas such as belly, hips, and chest. You can use coconut oil, almond oil, shea buttercream or any other cream or oil recommended by your doctor for massage. 

14. Cleanse & Moisturizes your Skin

Cleanse your skin well. It'll clean your pores and remove all the dirt from your body. Use a good quality product for cleansing. Always remember to moisturize your skin with a good quality moisturizer that doesn't cause any side effects on your skin during pregnancy.

15. Exfoliate your Skin

Your skin needs extra care during the pregnancy period. Pamper your skin and exfoliate it with a good scrub two times a week. 

16. Right and Easy Makeup

Always do right and easy makeup. Use less makeup during pregnancy. And always use chemical-free products for your makeup. Use those products for your makeup which doesn't contain any harsh chemicals. Remember to remove your makeup before going to bed as it will remove all the dirt from your skin. Cleanse and moisturize your skin before going to bed.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Don't take the stress and enjoy your pregnancy period. Stay happy and pamper yourself. Have a happy and healthy pregnancy. 

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