Eating Cucumber During Pregnancy - Benefits and Side Effects

Eating Cucumber During Pregnancy - Benefits, Side Effects, Precautions, When To Avoid & Is It Safe

Cucumber contains 95% of water. Cucumbers are a rich source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Cucumbers are very low in calories but contain high water content and many vital nutrients that are essential during pregnancy. Cucumbers are a good source of both soluble and insoluble fibers. Cucumbers are the perfect low-calorie snack that you can have. It keeps you hydrated and full for a longer time. Cucumbers are a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and electrolytes. It can be consumed raw.

Benefits and side effects of cucumber during pregnancy

Benefits of Cucumber During Pregnancy

Cucumber has many health benefits. The amazing benefits of eating cucumber during pregnancy are:

1. Prevent Dehydration

Cucumber contains 95% of naturally distilled water and soluble fiber hence prevent the problem of dehydration and also removes the harmful toxins from the body. Fiber regulates bowel movements and the high water content of cucumber promotes hydration during pregnancy. Staying hydrated during pregnancy is essential so adding cucumber to the pregnancy diet is a good idea.

2. Promotes Proper Fetal Development

Cucumber contains essential vitamins such as vitamin A, B1, B2, B3 and minerals such as iron, potassium, zinc, calcium. All of these vitamins and minerals play an important role in the proper growth and development of the fetus

3. Prevent Birth Defects

Cucumber contains folic acid which helps in preventing birth defects

4. Source of Antioxidants

Cucumber is a good source of antioxidants which reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

5. Prevent Constipation

Cucumbers are fully loaded with fiber which prevents problems such as constipation, bloating which are very common during pregnancy. It helps in improving digestion during pregnancy.

6. Natural Diuretic

Cucumber works as a natural diuretic that prevents swelling which is a common problem faced by most women during pregnancy. It also removes unwanted harmful toxins from the body.

7. Healthy Weight Gain

Cucumbers are very low in calories and contain high water content, soluble fiber hence helps in preventing excess weight gain during pregnancy. 

8. Regulates Blood Pressure 

Cucumber contains potassium which helps in regulating blood pressure levels in the body thus help in reducing the risk of hypertension during pregnancy.

9. Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Cucumber is a good source of soluble fiber which lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels thus reduces the risk of developing gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

10. Low in Calories

Cucumbers are low in calories and contain a high content of water. It keeps you feel fuller for a longer time. All these properties of cucumbers help in promoting healthy weight gain during pregnancy. It prevents constipation and improves digestion. Cucumbers also prevent the problem of heartburn which is very common during pregnancy.

11. Immunity Booster

Cucumber is a rich source of vitamin C, beta carotene, iron, potassium, manganese, and many more vital nutrients. All of these helps in boosting the immunity of the body.

12. Promote Brain Functioning

Cucumber contains an anti-inflammatory bioactive flavonol molecule which is known as Fisetin and it helps in promoting brain functioning

13. Healthy and Strong Bones

Cucumber contains Vitamin K which is an essential nutrient for healthy and strong bones.

Side Effects of Cucumber during pregnancy

Some of the side effects of eating cucumber during pregnancy are:

1. Frequent Urination

Cucumber contains a high content of water and overeating cucumbers can make your bladder feel fuller than usual which leads to frequent urination during pregnancy. When cucumber is consumed in excess amounts it works as a strong diuretic and triggers frequent urination.

2. Intestinal Gas

Eating cucumber in excess amounts can cause intestinal gas during pregnancy. Intestinal gas can trigger problems such as bloating, indigestion, and belching.

3. Allergic Reaction

Cucumbers can cause allergic reactions. If you're allergic to cucumbers don't eat them during pregnancy as it can cause allergic reactions such as itching or swelling.

4. Increases the risk of Hyperkalemia

Hyperkalemia is a condition that causes due to the high content of potassium in the body which can lead to abdominal cramping and bloating. Overeating cucumber may increase the risk of Hyperkalemia.

5. Toxic 

Cucumber contains toxic substances such as cucurbitacins, tetracyclic which cause a bitter taste in cucumbers and is taken in excess amounts it can be life-threatening too.

6. Belching or Indigestion

Cucumber contains a compound called cucurbitacin which can cause indigestion especially in those people who have sensitive stomachs. Overeating cucumber can also cause problems of belching and indigestion.

7. Bloating

Cucumber contains a toxic substance called cucurbitacin which leads to indigestion, especially the people with a sensitive digestive system. Indigestion leads to the problem of bloating

Precautions to be taken while eating cucumber during pregnancy

The precautions to be taken while eating cucumber during pregnancy are:

-> Wash them well to remove all the dirt and harmful chemicals.

-> Peel cucumber's skin before eating them as it contains toxic pesticides and nitrates which are harmful to the body especially during pregnancy. And then wash them again for 2-3 minutes in running water.

-> Don't eat them in excess amount as it can cause the problems of indigestion.

-> If you're allergic to cucumbers then don't eat them as they can cause itching or swelling during pregnancy.

-> Don't drink a lot of water just after eating cucumbers. Wait at least 20-30 minutes after eating cucumbers. Cucumber itself contains a lot of water and if you drink water just after eating them it will dilute the nutrients present in it. 

-> Don't combine cucumbers with milk as this mixture works as a strong laxative.

Is it safe to eat cucumber during pregnancy?

Yes, cucumber is perfectly safe to eat during pregnancy. Cucumber is considered safe to eat during pregnancy.

When to avoid eating cucumber during pregnancy?

Avoid eating cucumber during pregnancy if you've been diagnosed with:

  • Gastritis 
  • Colitis or Enterocolitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Hepatitis
  • Chronic Nephritis
  • Pyelonephritis
  • Kidney Stone

Even though cucumbers are highly nutritious and healthy but before adding them to your pregnancy diet consult your doctor to find out whether cucumbers are safe for you or not during your pregnancy period.

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