Sex during Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Sex during Third Trimester of Pregnancy - Benefits, Sex Positions & Is it Safe

Sex during the third trimester does not cause any harm to your baby. Your baby is secured in the amniotic sac. If you're having a healthy pregnancy then sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe. If you're having uncomplicated normal pregnancy then you can even make love in the late pregnancy as well with some recommended safe sex positions.

Benefits of having Sex during third trimester of pregnancy

Benefits of having sex during pregnancy

If you're having a normal pregnancy without any complications then having sex during pregnancy is beneficial. Some of the benefits of having sex during pregnancy are:

  • Having sex during pregnancy is a good way to maintain a closer bond between partners.
  • Orgasm releases a hormone called Oxytocin which helps you to get relaxed.
  • Sex during pregnancy also helps in lowering blood pressure and improving the immune system.
  • Having intercourse during pregnancy is helpful in burning calories which will make you fit and keep you to stay active throughout your pregnancy and help you to avoid gaining too much weight during pregnancy.
  • When you have an orgasm your body releases a hormone called Oxytocin which helps in reducing stress levels.
  • Semen contains a hormone called Prostaglandin which helps in softening the cervix during sex.

Safe Sex Positions During Pregnancy

The recommended safe sex positions which you can try during your pregnancy are listed below:

  • Spooning
  • Side by Side Sex
  • Cowgirl
  • Edge of the bed
  • Doggy Style

Sex Positions to avoid during pregnancy

Some of the sex positions which you should avoid during your pregnancy are the following:

  • Missionary Position
  • Anal Sex (In case if you have Hemorrhoids, Placenta Previa or Risk of having Preterm labor)
  • Prone Position

Is sex safe during the third trimester of pregnancy?

Yes, having sex during the third trimester is totally safe. If you are having a normal and healthy pregnancy without any complications then sex is totally safe throughout your pregnancy.

Sex during late pregnancy - Safe or not

Yes, having sex with a comfortable position during late pregnancy is totally safe.

When to avoid sex during the third trimester?

You should avoid having sex in the following circumstances:

Placenta Previa

If you're diagnosed with placenta previa then it should be better to avoid having intercourse. It is a pregnancy complication in which the placenta covers the cervix.

Bleeding, Spotting or Foul-Smelling Discharge after Sex

If you notice bleeding, spotting, or foul-smelling discharge after having sex then avoid having intercourse during pregnancy.


Once your water breaks then you have to avoid having sex as mucus plug around your cervix which protects baby from various infections get dislodged and your baby can get infected.

History of repeated miscarriages or preterm labor

The pregnant women who have a history of having miscarriages or preterm labor in previous pregnancies have to avoid sex during pregnancy.

Cervical Insufficiency (Incompetent Cervix)

Cervical Insufficiency means that the cervix starts to efface and dilate very soon which can lead to miscarriage or premature delivery. It's better to avoid having intercourse during pregnancy if you have Cervical Insufficiency.

Pregnancy with twins or multiples

If you're pregnant with twins or multiples then avoid having sex during pregnancy.

If you're still confused about whether to have sex during pregnancy or not just talk to your health care provider and tell her about your concerns. Here's wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy. Be happy and enjoy this special phase of your life.

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