Vaginal Pain During Pregnancy - Reasons and Types

Vaginal Pain During Pregnancy - Reasons, Types & How to get relief from it

A pregnant woman experiences pain in various parts of the body as a lot of changes take place within her body during pregnancy. Some pregnant women experience pain in the abdomen, breasts, and vagina. Vaginal pain during pregnancy doesn't indicate any serious complication. However, if you're experiencing vaginal pain with bleeding during early pregnancy it can be a sign of miscarriage.

Vaginal pain during pregnancy - Reasons and Remedies

Reasons for Vaginal Pain During Pregnancy

The reasons for Vaginal Pain during Pregnancy are:

Growing Uterus

During pregnancy, the uterus grows in size and it causes pressure on the vagina and its surrounding muscles which can lead to Vaginal Pain.

Fetus Growth

When the size of the fetus increases in the uterus it puts pressure on the pelvic area that causes stretching of ligaments and muscles surrounding the vagina which leads to sharp vaginal pain during pregnancy. 

Vaginal Infections

Vaginal pain also causes due to the infections around the vagina. One of the most common infections that occurs in a pregnant woman is Candidiasis.

Cervix Dilation

Sharp vaginal pain in the later stage of pregnancy indicates the dilation of the cervix. The dilation of the cervix takes place a few weeks or a few hours before labor occurs.

After Sexual Intercourse

Some pregnant women experience vaginal pain can after sexual intercourse


Constipation is a common pregnancy complication experienced by many pregnant women. Constipation can cause pressure in the vagina due to which vaginal pain can occur.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy also causes pain in the vaginal area. Ectopic Pregnancy is a pregnancy complication that occurs when the fertilized egg attaches itself outside the uterus usually in the fallopian tubes.

Types of Vaginal Pain During Pregnancy

Whatever may be the reason and type of your vaginal pain you should have to talk with your doctor about it. Your doctor will examine you and then tell you about the exact reason and type of vaginal pain. Vaginal Pain during pregnancy is categorized into three types:

1. Stabbing Pain (Prickling Pain) in Vagina during Pregnancy

Stabbing pain is a type of prickling pain that occurs due to the stretching of uterine muscles and it generally occurs during early pregnancy. If it occurs during late pregnancy then it can be a sign of upcoming labor. You don't have to get worried if this type of pain is minor and lasts for a few seconds or minutes but if you're experiencing stabbing pain with vaginal bleeding then call your doctor immediately.

2. Cutting Pain in Vagina during Pregnancy

Cutting Pain occurs due to the growing uterus. If this pain occurs during early pregnancy it can be due to Cystitis and if it occurs in the late stage of pregnancy then it can be due to placental detachment. 

3. Nagging Pain in Vagina during Pregnancy

Nagging pain occurs due to the inflammatory process in the cervix or the fallopian tubes. 

Treatment of Vaginal Pain during pregnancy

Vaginal Pain can occur at any stage of pregnancy so it's essential that you know how to treat vaginal pain during pregnancy. Don't take any medications on your own to get relief from vaginal pain. Some of the ways to get relief from vaginal pain during pregnancy are:
  • Lie down on your left side as it improves blood circulation hence helps in relieving vaginal pain.

  • Avoid jerky and sudden movements during pregnancy.

  • Try to stretch your back and hips to get relief from vaginal pain.

  • Stay active and do some light exercises such as yoga, swimming, meditation throughout your pregnancy. All these exercises help you to stay fit as well as strengthen your muscles and improve blood circulation in your body.

  • Take a warm bath to get relief from body pain and vaginal pain during pregnancy.

  • Keep your feet elevated while sitting.

  • Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water to prevent constipation.

  • You can also get a pelvic massage by a professional trainer to get relief from vaginal pain during pregnancy.

  • Avoid lifting or pushing heavy items.

  • Use belly sling which is designed to support your growing belly during pregnancy and it also offers relief from various pain such as pelvic pain, back pain.

Vaginal Pain during pregnancy is common and is experienced by many pregnant women. Some changes in your daily lifestyle can help in getting relief from vaginal pain during pregnancy. But if your pain is increasing day by day then consult your doctor and tell her about your concerns. 

Wishing you a very happy and healthy pregnancy. May God bless you and your baby with health and happiness. Heartfelt congratulations to you in advance. 

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