Colic - Causes, Symptoms, Tips, Treatment, And Home Remedies

Colic - Causes, Symptoms, Tips, Treatment, And Home Remedies

Colic is an excessive and inconsolable crying of the baby which lasts for many hours a day and usually starts between the second and sixth week after the birth. If a baby cries more than 3 hours a day, more than 3 days a week for more than 3 weeks he/she may have colic. Colic is not a disease but it affects some babies during the first 3 to 4 months of their life. It usually strikes more often in the afternoon or in the evening. Colic usually goes away on its own by age 3 to 4 months. A baby with colic doesn't mean that he or she is unhealthy.

Tips to get relief from Colic

Causes of Colic

Some of the possible reasons that can cause colic are:

  • A digestive system that is not fully developed.
  • Immature Nervous System
  • Overfeeding
  • Underfeeding
  • Sensitivity to breast milk 
  • Allergy to certain proteins in formula
  • Not burping after a feeding
  • Intestinal Gas

Signs and Symptoms of Colic

The signs and symptoms of colic are described below:
  • If a healthy baby starts crying for no obvious reason.
  • If the baby cries at the same time every day without any reason.
  • If the baby has a bright red face.
  • If the baby has a tight belly.
  • If the baby clenches his/her fist while crying.
  • If the baby curls his/her legs towards belly while crying.
  • Colic baby seems fussy and gassy.
  • Colic babies don't sleep well.

Treatment of Colic

There are many tips by which you can soothe your colic baby. 

Tips to soothe a crying baby or to relieve colic

Follow these tips to soothe your crying baby or to relieve colic:

  • Gently rub your baby's stomach in a clockwise direction as intestines also work in the clockwise direction. 
  • Feed your baby in an upright position.
  • Burp your baby after every feeding.
  • Hold your baby upright after feeding.
  • Gently massage your baby's abdominal area.
  • Breastfeeding mothers don't have to eat those foods which are gassy.
  • A breastfeeding mother has to make sure that one breast is finished before offering the other.
  • Bottle-fed babies can have allergy with the ingredients present in their formula. Switch to another formula in such a condition.

Colic is temporary and doesn't cause any health problems to the baby. A baby with colic is healthy. Try to stay calm if your baby has colic as it will last for a few months and remember it's not your fault.

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