Newborn Baby Shopping - List of Items You Must Buy

Newborn Baby Shopping - List of Items You Must Buy

If you're expecting and going to deliver in the next few months then start thinking about all the baby essentials that you'll need in the upcoming months. A newborn needs a lot of stuff. Are you confused about what you should buy for your newborn baby? Don't worry. We're here with the list of all the essential items that you need after the arrival of your little one.  

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Let's have a look at all the baby essentials that you need after bringing your baby home from the hospital.

Baby Clothing Essentials Baby Nursery Essentials Baby Feeding Essentials Baby Bathing Essentials Baby Diapering Essentials Baby Health Products Baby Gear Essentials
Wrap-Around Blanket or Swaddle Cloth Crib / Bassinet / Cradle / Co-sleeper Bibs and Muslin Clothes Baby Bath Tub Disposable Diapers Hand Sanitisers Infant Car Seat
Onesies Baby Mattress Pad Breastpumps Baby Towels Cloth Nappies Baby Nail Clippers or File Stroller
Stretch Suit / Bodysuits / Full Sleeved Vests Crib Sheets Formula (If you plan to bottle-feed your baby) Baby Shampoo and body wash Diaper Bag First Aid Kit Baby Carrier
Undershirts Waterproof Bed Pad Feeding Bottles and Nipples Baby Cream and Lotion Changing Mat Baby Thermometer Baby Swing
Tops / Singlets Baby blankets Thermos / Bottle Warmer Baby massage oil and hair oil Diaper Rash Cream Humidifier Baby Play Mats
Caps/ Bonnets Rocking Chair Bottle Brush Baby Washcloths Baby Wipes Soft-bristeled Baby Hair Brush
Mittens Mosquito Net Nursing Clothes (If you plan to breastfeed) Sunscreen Diaper Pail Cotton Balls and Swabs
Socks / Booties Baby monitor and Nightlight Nursing Pads and Nipple Cream (If you plan to breastfeed) Bulb Syringe
Sweaters / Cardigans Laundry Basket or Cloth Hamper Burp Clothes and Baby Feeding Pillow

We hope that this newborn shopping list will help you to make your life a little bit easier. Wishing you a very happy, healthy and safe delivery. God bless you and your little one with good health and happiness. Congratulations in advance.

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