12 Common Myths And Facts About Pregnancy That Might Surprise You

12 Common Myths And Facts About Pregnancy That Might Surprise You

If you're expecting you might be getting a lot of advice from lots of people. You might be thinking about what they say is true? There are so many myths that you have heard about pregnancy.  In this article, we're going to look at some of the most common myths about pregnancy and also the facts.

Myths and Facts about pregnancy

Myths And Facts About Pregnancy

Some of the common myths and facts about pregnancy are:

Myths Facts
Eat for two during pregnancy Overeating is bad for both the mom-to-be and her baby. A healthy balanced diet is essential to ensure the well being of your baby.
Exercising should be avoided during pregnancy as it is harmful to your growing baby. Exercising keeps you fit and healthy throughout the pregnancy and also helps to ease childbirth. The light workout is considered healthy and safe in a normal pregnancy.
Occasional drinking is safe during pregnancy. There is no such safe level of alcohol intake during pregnancy. It's better to avoid alcohol altogether to ensure your baby's safety.
Eating saffron during pregnancy make a baby fairer. Baby's complexion is genetically inherited. Consumption of any particular food item has no influence on the complexion of the baby.
Consumption of dairy products during pregnancy makes babies allergic to them. The dairy products are a rich source of calcium and protein and both of them are very essential during pregnancy.
The linea negra is dark if you're carrying a boy. Linea Negra is a vertical dark line that runs up from pubic bone to the top of your belly button during pregnancy and it has nothing to do with the gender of the unborn baby.
The fetal heart rate indicates a baby's gender. There is no link between fetal heart rate and the determination of the sex of the baby. A normal fetal heart rate ranges from 120 to 160 bpm in the uterus for all the babies.
If your mother had an easy delivery and pregnancy so will you. The ease of delivery and pregnancy depend on various factors such as the baby's position, baby's size, monther's health. It doesn't depends on heredity factors.
Carrying high means it's a girl and carrying low means it's a boy. There is no scientific evidence for this assumption. Carrying high or low nothing say about gender. It depends on various factors such as posture, baby's position, muscle's size, etc.
Craving salty foods mean it's a boy whereas craving sugary foods mean it's a girl. There is no scientific evidence that food cravings are in any way indicate the gender of the unborn baby.
A pregnant woman should avoid sex during pregnancy period as it can cause miscarriage or may even induce labor. Sex has no effect on a healthy pregnancy. In a normal and uncomplicated pregnancy, having sex doesn't harm the baby during any stage of pregnancy as the baby is protected with uterus muscular walls and is cushioned by the amniotic sac.
Consuming papayas and pineapples during pregnancy can cause miscarriage or induce labor. Raw papaya contains chymopapain that is supposed to induce labor or miscarriage. But ripe papayas are considered safe to eat during pregnancy. Both of these fruits provide numerous benefits to the expectant mother and her baby if consumed in a moderate amount.

Don't believe in such myths. Consult your health care provider and tell your concerns. 

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