How to choose best, safe and effective creams for stretch marks?

How to choose the best, safe, and effective creams for stretch marks?

Many pregnant women develop stretch marks which are a very common pregnancy symptom. Stretch marks are scars that caused due to skin tearing. These tiny tears in the skin are caused due to several reasons such as weight gain, genetics, carrying multiple babies, etc. during pregnancy. Stretch marks don't cause any harm to you or your baby. They also get fade over time. Most women get stretch marks on the belly, breasts, thighs, buttocks, hips, and arms during and after pregnancy. Stretch marks occur in different colors such as red, purple, silver, pink, reddish-brown, brown, or yellow depending on the stage they are in. Some women proudly show off their stretch marks as it shows their pregnancy journey while some others want to minimize them. In this article, we'll talk about the features that you should look for while buying a stretch mark cream during or after pregnancy.

Creams for Stretch Marks

The best cream for stretch marks during pregnancy

Look at the following things whenever you buy a stretch mark cream:

1. Go Hypoallergenic

A product that is hypoallergenic doesn't contain any essential oils, fragrances, or dyes that can cause any irritation or allergic reactions. Choose a cream that has no preservatives, no colors, or no artificial fragrances as they can cause allergy and can also harm you or your baby. Pregnancy is a sensitive time when you've to be cautious about everything that you eat or whether what you apply to your body. You don't have to use or consume anything that can cause allergic reactions. So, if you've sensitive skin go for the hypoallergenic product.

2. Good Quality Ingredients

It's one of the most important factors that you should definitely consider while buying a stretch mark cream. Choose a cream that contains natural ingredients that moisturize your skin as well as reduce the itchiness too. 

3. Cocoa and Shea Butter Enriched Cream

Cocoa and Shea Butter are the natural ingredients that keep your skin hydrated. Choose a stretch mark cream that is enriched with the goodness of cocoa and shea butter. Both of these ingredients help to nourish your growing belly and also reduce the itches that are often accompanied by stretch marks. The cream with these ingredients helps to soothe the itchy and dry skin. Shea butter is filled with antioxidants and minerals that help to build elasticity of the skin.

4. Cream with Humectants

Creams with humectants such as glycerine, and aloe vera gel are extremely effective at keeping skin moisturized. They also help to improve the skin's elasticity. Choose a stretch mark cream that contains humectants such as glycerine.

5. Safe And Natural Ingredients

Choose a stretch mark cream that contains those ingredients which are safe to use during pregnancy. Avoid using such brands that contain urea, salicylic acid, retinol, tretinoins, or retinoids as these are harmful to use in pregnancy.

6. Natural and Chemical Free Cream

Choose a stretch mark cream that is natural, organic, and chemical-free. The cream that soothes your itches and also nourishes your skin will be a good choice. Use that stretch mark cream that is free from artificial dyes and scents.

7. Good Quality Formula

Choose a cream that has a good quality formula as you have to apply it daily on your body. The cream with moisturizing properties that can make your skin feel comfortable and also reduces itchiness and dryness.

8. Safe to use

Remember to choose that cream for your stretch marks that are made of natural ingredients and fewer chemicals. Choose a cream that is enriched with the goodness of hydrating ingredients as they help to soothe the itchy and dry skin that often comes with a growing belly.

When I apply a stretch mark cream to the affected areas?

It's best to apply a stretch mark cream after you shower or a bath when your skin is slightly damp so that the cream is absorbed well within your skin.

Benefits of using a Stretch Mark Cream

Some of the benefits of using a stretch mark cream on the affected areas are:

  • Stretch Mark Creams your skin elastic, smooth, and full of moisture.
  • These creams soothe the itchy and dry skin that often comes in pregnancy.
  • They also keep your skin toned and tight.
  • Stretch Marks cream hydrates your skin and also repairs and restores skin cells.

There are many stretch marks creams available in the market so don't get caught up in the hype over.  Just consult your doctor to choose the best stretch mark cream for you as your doctor knows better that which product is safe for you during or after pregnancy. Don't apply any stretch mark cream on the affected areas without consulting your doctor.

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