Tips To Reduce Post Pregnancy Belly Fat

How To Reduce Belly Fat After Pregnancy?

Getting back to shape after delivery is good for the overall health of the women. It also reduces the chances of postpartum depression. Your body goes through lots of trauma during childbirth so it needs some time to heal. It will take some time to get back to the pre-pregnancy shape. Be patient and give some time to your body to recover. In the first few weeks after childbirth, you adjust yourself to a new lifestyle and make bonding with your little one. So, give yourself time to heal fully. It's natural to gain some weight during and after pregnancy. And returning to your pre-pregnancy shape is also essential for the wellness of your overall health and for future pregnancies as well. A healthy routine and few lifestyle changes can help you to shed those extra pounds quickly. You can follow the tips mentioned in this article to reduce belly fat post-pregnancy.

Tips to reduce post pregnancy belly fat

Tips to reduce belly fat after pregnancy

Follow these tips to reduce belly fat after childbirth:

1. Breastfeeding

Breastmilk contains antibodies that help your baby to fight against viruses and diseases after birth. Breastfeeding is not only beneficial for your baby but for you as well. It helps to burn calories and helps your uterus to contract and shrink. It provides all the optimal nutrients to your baby and helps you to reduce those extra pounds that you put on during pregnancy. Breastfeeding helps to reduce baby fat and post-pregnancy belly. Your body releases hormones during breastfeeding that causes muscle contractions in the uterus so whenever you breastfed your baby your uterus contracts and shrinks. Each time you breastfed your baby your body releases hormones such as oxytocin and prolactin. Oxytocin helps your uterus to contract back to its regular size quickly and also reduces uterine bleeding after childbirth. It also reduces the risk of long-term obesity.

2. Exercises

It's natural for women to put on weight during pregnancy. You can include some simple exercises in your daily routine to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape quickly. But remember that your body needs almost six to eight weeks to recover from the stress of labor and childbirth. Indulging in intense workouts before six weeks can delay your recovery process. Avoid intense workout right after delivery as the body is too weak at that time and it requires a few months to heal fully. It's essential that you consult your gynecologist before indulging in any kind of physical activity after delivery. It's best to start exercises when your doctor gives you a green signal. The exercises that you can opt for after delivery to reduce your belly fat are:

  • Walking
  • Abdominal Crunches
  • Sit-Ups
  • Pelvic Tilts
  • Stretching
  • Bridge Exercises
  • Aerobic Exercises
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Pilates

All these exercises help you to reduce your belly fat and also improves your blood circulation. Before you indulge in any of these exercises consult your doctor for the recommendation and precautions that should be taken during a workout.

3. Balanced Diet

Take a healthy and nutritious diet after delivery as well to produce enough milk for your little one.  Eat a healthy and well nutritious diet instead of dieting as your newborn requires nutrients for his/her proper growth and development. Don't skip meals. Include fresh fruits, vegetables, green leafy vegetables, grains, lean protein, and healthy fats in your diet. Consume those foods that are high in nutrients. Avoid eating junk and oily foods. Cut down your sugar intake and stick to nutritious natural foods to reduce post-pregnancy belly fat. Fruits are a good substitute for sugary snacks. Try to replace sugary snacks with healthy fruits to satisfy your hunger pangs after childbirth. Choose healthy snacks and try to avoid eating empty-calorie foods such as chocolates, soda, chips, candies, ice creams, etc.  Include fiber-rich foods such as oats, seeds, beans in your daily diet. Don't starve yourself to get back in shape. Don't overeat and take small and frequent meals. Take five to six small and frequent meals throughout the day. Avoid eating processed foods as they're fully loaded with unhealthy fats, salt, sugar, and calories and is a hindrance to your belly fat loss journey. It's essential that you build healthy eating habits to get rid of belly fat post-pregnancy.  Don't go on a diet right after giving birth to your baby as it can adversely affect your health and your baby's health too. 

4. Drink plenty of fluids

Drink plenty of water throughout the day after childbirth to flush out all the toxins from the body. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day and more if you feel thirsty. Water helps to maintain the overall health of your body. In order to reduce post-pregnancy fat, it's essential to keep yourself hydrated. Staying hydrated throughout the day also helps to prevent constipation that is a common complication for many women post-pregnancy. Water is one of the good choices but you can also take some other healthy drinks to meet your fluid intake requirements. Keep yourself hydrated to suppress your appetite. Avoid taking excess caffeine, especially if you're breastfeeding. Drink warm water after giving birth to your baby. Consuming warm water helps to reduce belly fat and also prevents you from being overweight.

5. Avoid Stress and Sleep Well

Taking too much stress contributes to excess weight gain. You can practice meditation to relieve your stress. Lack of sleep and stress releases a stress hormone that leads to weight gain and is a hindrance to your weight loss journey. So, avoid stress and sleep well. Sleeping for a continuous 8 hours is not possible with a newborn. So, take naps while your baby is sleeping. 

6. Body Massage

Massage helps to soothe your mind and body. You can opt for a full body massage to tighten the loose muscles after delivery. A gentle belly massage can help in reducing belly fat and also tone the abdominal muscles. Consult your doctor before you opt for a massage after childbirth. If your doctor permits you then go for it. 

7. Maternity Belts / Belly Wraps / Corset

Belly wrapping is old-fashioned but one of the most effective ways of toning the abdominal muscles. Belly Wraps or Corset helps to keep your belly in shape, reduces back pain, and also tightens the abdominal muscles. It provides your back with good support and also improves your posture. Many women who have had normal delivery start using maternity belts the day after childbirth while women who've had C-sections wait for a few weeks, this time totally depends on their healing process. 

Every pregnancy and childbirth process is different so consult your doctor before indulging in any activity post-delivery. Congratulations on entering this most beautiful phase of life. Enjoy the roller coaster ride of motherhood. Hope this post helps you a lot. We wish you a happy motherhood. 

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