9 Benefits of Eating Dried Fruits during pregnancy

Dried Fruits during pregnancy - Health Benefits,  Nutritional Value, Side Effects, Tips And Precautions

Consuming a healthy and well-nutritious diet is one of the best ways to ensure that you get all the essential nutrients that your body requires during pregnancy for the healthy and proper growth of your little one. Dried fruits are one of them as they are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients that your body needs to nurture your baby during the pregnancy period. Dry fruits are one of the healthiest snacks and are extremely beneficial for both the expectant mother and her growing baby. Dry fruits such as almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashews, hazelnuts, peanuts, raisins, dates, etc. are a powerhouse of vital nutrients. Consumption of dry fruits during pregnancy is extremely beneficial for you and your unborn baby. Read this article to know all about having dried fruits during pregnancy.

Dry fruits during pregnancy

Health Benefits of Dried Fruits during pregnancy

Dried fruits are a great source of vital nutrients that you required throughout your pregnancy to support the healthy growth and development of your baby. Some of the wonderful health benefits of eating dry fruits during pregnancy are:

1. Promote Heart Health

Dry fruits such as almonds contain vitamin E and monosaturated fatty acids which help to maintain cholesterol levels. They're also a good source of potassium and magnesium which are well known to maintain normal blood pressure levels. They help to keep your blood pressure under control hence prevent the chances of developing preeclampsia or hypertension during pregnancy period. Hence, promote heart health.

2. Good source of Iron

Dry fruits such as dates, raisins, dried figs are a good source of iron that is required to prevent anemia which is a complication caused due to deficiency of iron. So, it's essential that you eat an iron-rich diet during your pregnancy period.

3. Regulates Blood Pressure

Dry fruits such as raisins, dates, dried apricots are a good source of potassium which is well known to regulate blood pressure. The potassium content of these dry fruits helps to keep your blood pressure levels under control and reduces the chances of developing hypertension. 

4. Healthy Digestive Tract

They're a great source of fiber that helps to prevent constipation that is a common pregnancy complication faced by most pregnant women. The high fiber content of dry fruits helps to keep your digestive tract healthy.

5. Boost Energy

They're high in calories and sugars such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose which helps to give you an instant boost of energy and satiate your hunger pangs. Dry fruit like pistachios helps to lower bad cholesterol levels and boost your energy.

6. Strengthen Bones

Dry fruits such as almonds, dried figs are a good source of calcium. Your body needs at least 1000 mg of calcium every day during pregnancy. If you take a sufficient amount of calcium during pregnancy it helps to keep you away from several complications such as high blood pressure, muscle and leg cramps, low birth weight, and premature birth. Calcium helps your baby to build strong bones and teeth. It also helps your baby to grow healthy nerves and muscles. Calcium helps to keep blood pressure under control and reduces the risk of developing hypertension and preeclampsia during pregnancy.

7. Great source of Magnesium

They're a good source of magnesium that is required for the formation of fetal bone and cartilages. It also helps in breaking down amino acids and carbohydrates which is essential for the proper growth of your unborn baby.

8. Promotes Fetal Development

Dry fruits contain vital vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are crucial for you and your growing baby during the nine months of your pregnancy. Dry fruit like walnut contains Omega-3 fatty acid that helps in the development of your baby's brain and eyes. Dry fruits such as almonds, pistachios, peanuts are a great source of protein which reduces the chances of low birth weight. So, the consumption of dried fruits during pregnancy helps in the overall development of your baby. 

9. Great source of antioxidants

Dry fruits are a good source of antioxidants which help to fight against free radicals. Antioxidants like vitamins A and C help to protect the cells from damage caused due to free radicals. Consumption of dry fruits keeps you and your baby healthy due to its high nutritional content. They keep infections, diseases, and other illnesses at bay. 

Side effects of dried fruits during pregnancy

Although dry fruits are safe to consume during pregnancy if eaten in a moderate amount. Excess consumption of dry fruits can cause several complications too. Some of the side effects caused due to overconsumption of dry fruits are:

  • Excess Weight Gain
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating or Gas
  • Allergic Reactions

Tips to consume dry fruits during pregnancy

Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Apricots, Dates, Fig, Raisins, Peanuts, Pistachio, Lotus Seeds Pop, Cantaloupe Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Chestnut are some of the dry fruits that are good to consume during pregnancy period. They're nutritious and contain many essential nutrients that are good for you during your pregnancy phase. So, you must include them in your pregnancy diet and follow these tips while consuming them:

  • Dry fruits can be eaten raw which makes them a good healthy snack choice to satiate your hunger pangs instantly.  
  • Add dry fruits to your salad.
  • You can also use dry fruits as a topping for your desserts.

Precautions while eating dry fruits during pregnancy

Dry fruits are undoubtedly one of the healthy snacks to take during pregnancy period but take the following precautions while consuming them:

  • Always buy organic and non-preservative dry fruits.
  • Avoid dry fruits that contain added sugar or preservatives.
  • Make sure dry fruits are free from molds or blemishes. 
  • Store them in a clean, dry, and air-tight container. 
  • Keep them in a cool and dry place. Keep them in the refrigerator to increase their self-life.

Nutritional Value of Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are an excellent source of protein, iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, vitamins A, B6, C, E, K. They're a good source of antioxidants, fiber, and folate. Being rich in vital nutrients dry fruits are a healthy substitute for high-calorie snacks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it safe to eat dried fruits during pregnancy?

Dry fruits are a great source of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and many other nutrients that are crucial for both the expectant mother and her baby. They're a powerhouse of nutrients and are perfectly safe to consume while pregnant but always remember to eat them in the right amount. as overeating can lead to various complications.

2. How much dry fruits should I eat during pregnancy?

Dried fruits are high in calories so don't overeat them. You can consume a handful of dry fruits in a day during your pregnancy period.

3. Which dry fruit is good during pregnancy?

Dry fruits such as cashews, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, fig, apricots, prunes, and dates are good to consume while pregnant.

4. Which dry fruits should be avoided during pregnancy?

Dry fruits are a powerhouse of nutrients and are safe to consume during pregnancy period but remember to eat them in a moderate amount. 

5. Are dried apricots good during pregnancy?

Dried apricots contain natural sugar, glucose, and fructose which makes them a healthy substitute for your sweet cravings. 

6. Are dates good in pregnancy?

Dates are an excellent source of iron which is required to prevent anemia. Consumption of dates during pregnancy helps to regulate blood pressure levels, blood sugars levels, alleviate morning sickness, and boost your immunity.

7. What are the useful dry fruits during pregnancy?

Dry fruits like dates, walnuts, almonds, cashews, raisins, hazelnuts, etc. are good to consume during the pregnancy period as they're a great source of fiber, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and other vital nutrients that you need for a healthy pregnancy.

8. How do I consume dry fruits during pregnancy?

You can consume dry fruits raw as a snack. You can add them to your salads, or desserts.

Watch this video to know all the amazing health benefits of consuming dry fruits during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is the time where you need to eat a healthy and well nutritious diet to keep yourself healthy and to nurture your baby. Dry fruits are healthy and nutritious. They are fully packed with vital nutrients and help you to meet your nutritional while pregnant. So they're definitely a great addition to the pregnancy diet. If you want to include dry fruits in your pregnancy diet consult your doctor to know the right amount of dry fruits for you to consume while pregnant.

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