Bottle Gourd (Lauki) And It's Juice During Pregnancy - Health Benefits And Juice Recipe

Bottle Gourd (Calabash) During Pregnancy - Health Benefits, Ways To Include It In Diet

Bottle Gourd is a very nutritious vegetable and its consumption is extremely beneficial for health. It is packed with several nutrients which are required to maintain good health. It is a good source of energy, carbohydrates, potassium, manganese, vitamin A, vitamin C,  iron, folate, and many more. That's why bottle gourd is considered one of the healthiest veggies. However, if you're pregnant and wondering whether the consumption of bottle gourd is safe for you during pregnancy or not?

Bottle Gourd And Bottle Gourd Juice During Pregnancy

We're here with all the aspects related to the consumption of bottle gourd during pregnancy. Read this article to know all about having a bottle gourd while pregnant.

Health Benefits of Bottle Gourd During Pregnancy

Bottle Gourd offers numerous benefits to both the expectant mother and her little one. Some of the amazing health benefits provided by bottle gourd during pregnancy are:

1. Keep you Hydrated

Bottle Gourd is packed with a lot of water and minerals thus helps to keep you hydrated during pregnancy. Staying hydrated during pregnancy is very essential to keep yourself and your baby healthy.

2. Strengthen Immune System

Bottle Gourd is an excellent source of various essential nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, folate, vitamins, and many more. All these nutrients are required for a healthy pregnancy. As bottle gourd is a nutrient-rich veggie so the consumption of bottle gourd during pregnancy helps to strengthen your immune system.

3. Regulates Bowel Movement

This veggie is an excellent source of fiber that helps to keep constipation and hemorrhoids at a bay which are common complications faced by most pregnant women. The consumption of bottle gourd during pregnancy helps to regulate bowel movement and improves gut health which in turn keeps your digestive tract healthy.

4. Reduce Heartburn

Bottle Gourd is alkaline in nature thus consumption of bottle gourd in pregnancy help to balance acidity and also reduces heartburn which are common problems associated with pregnancy.

5. Rich in Antioxidants

Bottle Gourd is an excellent source of antioxidants that help to keep your skin cells healthy. Pregnant women are more prone to various infections and diseases. Consumption of bottle gourd help to fight infections. It contains antioxidants such as vitamin C that keep infections and diseases at a bay.

6. Prevent Fatigue

Bottle Gourd contains electrolytes such as sodium and potassium which help to keep the fluid balance in the body. These minerals also help to prevent fatigue during pregnancy.

7. Healthy Weight Gain

Bottle Gourd contains almost 96% of water. The low calorie and high water content of bottle gourd help to restore water levels in your body and keep you full for a longer time. It helps to keep your hunger pangs under control and also prevents you from binging on unhealthy or junk foods.

8. Treat Headache

The seeds of bottle gourd are known to treat headache as well especially those which accompany morning sickness while pregnant.

Nutritional Value of Bottle Gourd

100 g of bottle gourd contain the following nutrients:

Nutrient Value of Raw And Fresh Bitter Gourd (Bitter Melon) per 100 g

Principle Nutrient Value
Energy 14 kcal
Carbohydrates 3.39 g
Protein 0.62 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Dietary Fiber 0.5 g
Fat 0.02 g
Vitamin A 16 IU
Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) 0.029 mg
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 0.022 mg
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 0.320 mg
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) 0.152 mg
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 0.040 mg
Vitamin B9 (Folates) 6 µg
Vitamin C 10.1 mg
Calcium 26 mg
Iron 0.20 mg
Copper 0.034 mg
Magnesium 11 mg
Manganese 0.089 mg
Selenium 0.2 mg
Phosphorus 13 mg
Zinc 0.70 mg
Sodium 2 mg
Potassium 150 mg

Bottle Gourd Juice Recipe

The bottle gourd juice recipe is very simple and easy. Drinking bottle gourd juice is highly beneficial for health. Here is a simple bottle gourd recipe:

-> Wash and clean the bottle gourd under running water to prevent any sort of contamination.

-> Peel it and remove its seeds.

-> Now cut it into small chunks.

-> Put these chunks in a blender with half a teacup of water.

-> To enhance its taste, you can add amla, ginger, or mint leaves with bottle gourd pieces.

-> Blend all these ingredients together.

-> Add a pinch of rock salt and some ice cubes to it.

-> Now your bottle gourd juice is ready to drink.

So, by following these simple steps you can make bottle gourd juice in a few minutes but always remember to consume it fresh.

Health Benefits of Bottle Gourd Juice During Pregnancy

Some of the wonderful health benefits offered by bottle gourd juice during pregnancy are:

1. Good for Digestion

The consumption of bottle gourd juice is good for digestion. It helps to cure constipation and is also a natural remedy to treat diarrhea. The high fiber and water content of bottle gourd juice cleanse your digestive tract and regulate easy bowel movements. 

2. Healthy Weight

Bottle gourd juice is low in calories, contains no fat, and is high in fiber. The high fiber content of bottle gourd helps to keep you full for a longer time and keeps your hunger pangs under control and prevents you from eating unhealthy foods thereby helps to gain a healthy weight during pregnancy as well.

3. Reduces Body Heat

Our body tends to sweat a lot during summers, drinking bottle gourd juice on a regular basis helps to replenish the water loss. It has a cooling effect on your body and also keeps your body hydrated. This juice is well known to cure heart-related ailments such as nose bleeding, ulcers, or pimples.

4. Good for Heart Health

Bottle Gourd Juice contains zinc which helps to lower the LDL levels or bad cholesterol and increases HDL or good cholesterol. Drinking bottle gourd juice on a regular basis helps to maintain healthy heart functions.

5. Relieve Stress And Depression

Bottle Gourd juice contains choline which is a type of neurotransmitter that helps in improving brain functions and also helps to prevent stress and depression.

6. Treat Urinary Tract Infections

Consuming freshly squeezed bottle gourd juice helps to cure urinary tract infections. This juice has diuretic action on the body which helps to flush out toxins and pathogens hence reduces the risk of urinary tract infections.

Side Effects of Bottle Gourd Juice During Pregnancy

Some of the side effects caused due to the consumption of bottle gourd juice during pregnancy are: 

1. Highly Toxic When Bitter

If bottle gourd juice tastes bitter then consuming it may be highly toxic to your body and it can cause several complications such as nausea, diarrhea, discomfort, vomiting, or any feeling of uneasiness. So, must check the taste of bottle gourd juice before consuming it.

2. Hypoglycemia

Consuming an excess amount of bottle gourd juice can lead to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

3. Allergic Reactions

Drinking bottle gourd juice may cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

4. Gastrointestinal Problems

Drinking bitter bottle gourd juice may lead to various gastrointestinal problems. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. Is it safe to eat Bottle Gourd during pregnancy?

Bottle gourd is safe to eat during pregnancy. It provides numerous benefits to the pregnant woman and her growing baby due to its nutritional content. That's why including bottle gourds in your pregnancy diet is a good idea. 

2. How to include bottle gourd in your pregnancy diet?

You can have a bottle gourd in the form of sweet, juice, or cooked vegetable dish during pregnancy.

Bottle Gourd is considered one of the healthiest food choices during pregnancy due to its nutritional value. It is a powerhouse of various vital nutrients that are crucial for the expectant mother and her growing baby.

Pregnancy is a delicate phase and you need to be cautious whatever you eat or drink during this time. You need to eat a healthy and well nutritious diet in order to nourish your baby and to maintain your health as well. So, it's best to consult your doctor before making any changes to your pregnancy diet or including any new food in your diet.

Hope this article helped you a lot. Wishing you a very happy, safe, and healthy pregnancy.

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